Single Note Solid Aromas

Imagine, if you will, that aroma blends are a small symphony, with individual notes falling upon a scale just as notes in a musical movement fall. Tease apart those singular notes & chords and individual aroma elements become fabulously nuanced “tones”. And much like notes in a symphony, each aroma element resonates & hums in its own unique way…

So, by popular demand from those connoiseurs of the beauty inherent in the solitary tone, Pixxxie Pie & Posie presents a singular-note, solid perfume collection called “La Petite Miette”. In classic, old world fashion this translates to “the little crumb” in French.

Emulating the single-tone perfume compacts of yesteryear, these are exceptionally potent, single-note perfumes & colognes. A conjuration not for the faint of heart, this Coven of 30 solitary tones can be worn by themselves or they can be layered with other aromas that tickle your fancy. Since they are extra special, each is stamped with a wax seal and is shipped with a hand-sewn bag of antique lace or soft brown faux suede.

An act of sweetest alchemy, these solid perfumes are a Victorian delight. Each aroma blend is meticulously forged to be an act of seduction, beset with silken tendrils & nuanced layers ever anxious to evolve against the warmth of your skin.

About the potion: Handmade by mine own hands, natural & eco-friendly, my luxurious single note solid perfumes and cologne blends are the preternatural bees knees & don’t let any charlatan or snake oil salesman tell you different. The base of the perfume consists of 100% natural and organic ingredients that help moisturize the skin while offering longevity to the aroma blend itself by acting as a fixative. Wholesome oils are used from Olive, Castor & Soybeans. A dash of Carnauba Palm oil & Jojoba oil round things out a bit more. Topping it all off, the noble bumblebee contributes lush beeswax to complete a extra-powerful potion that leaves the skin ultra soft and supple and smelling practically otherworldly. Only the finest essential oils are used for these Victorian concoctions, along with top quality botanical oils and pure plant absolutes.

My advice: Copy, paste and print the menu. Mull over it slowly while drinking tea or coffee: take your time. If you need help choosing the aroma blend that’s right for you I’m more than happy to give you an email consultation. Just convo me via Etsy or email me directly at with info regarding the types of aromas you like (and don’t like) and I’ll get back to you with recommendations within 24-48 business hours =)!!

The Coven

—–FaunMoroccan Amber

Personality: A provocative aphrodisiac, Faun is an aroma that is extremely rich, warm and long lasting. Golden, entrancing and vibrant, it’s much like a lovingly refined Ambergris pressed closely against a smoky bed of cinnamon bark and roasted vanilla beans. The smell is sensual, primal and evolves against the skin in complex and fascinating layers. In true old-world fashion, this sent is striking, mildly sweet and completely intoxicating.

—–Skeleton KeyClove

Personality: Skeleton Key is delightfully full-bodied, and conveys the essence of pure Clove as it was meant to be enjoyed. Here, a spicy-hot sweetness wraps about a persistent, woody core that’s exotic, lively, warm and invigorating.

—–UmberFossilized Amber Musk

Personality: Carefully composed with another member of the aphrodisiac family of resins, Umber is richly layered, musky &  deeply sensual. Resinous, enticing and euphoric, dark notes polish the edges of this concoction with uniquely woody meanderings.


Personality: Fascinating & boldly stimulating, Oberon yearns to steal you away in the middle of the night. Dark, balsamic-spicy and heady, this exotic aroma bears a delicate, subtle sweetness that’s resonant and warmly refined.


Personality: Close to the earth, this  sweet-woodsy bouquet is complex, uplifting and boldly insistent. Akin to standing in a forest of strange trees, the heart of this potion is stitched with golden threads of musk and notes reminiscent of smooth vanilla. It may help with warding off werewolves or it may very well attract them depending on your disposition.

—–Poison IvyVetivert

Personality: Also known as the Oil of Tranquility, Vetivert makes this concoction calming and deeply verdant. Multi-layered and a touch grassy, Poison Ivy stands out as sweetly redolent with a delightful, herbaceous muskiness.


Personality: Kashmir is warm with a woody, golden heart. Pure Vanuatu Sandalwood is evocative, rich and rare, with warm sensual overtones that bespeak a depth that reaches back through the sands of time.

—–Green ParchmentCedarwood

Personality: Sylvan tones make this cedarwood forest vibrant and nuanced, its outer edges laced in clean rain, its loamy floor awash with green leaves and rustling earth.

—–MandragoraTea Tree

Personality: Fresh, vibrant and green, Mandragora is a wonderfully camphorus interpretation of what I imagine noble Mandrake Root to smell like. Boldly herbaceous, Tea Tree essence makes this act of alchemy quite stimulating in a way similar to pure Rosemary or Lavender.

—–Silver MorganDavana

Personality: Silver Morgan is a luxurious treat, like a hot, spiced rum with a pulsing heart of bold vanilla bourbon. Ribbons of caramel dance about her edges, rounding things out in a certain velvety and subdued sweetness.

—–Briar RosewoodRosewood

Personality: Indulgent, warm, vaguely sweet and lushly wooded, Briar Rosewood is elegant and bright. Her cheeks blush with the whispered hint of roses as she settles herself into a nest of bent branches and vines.


Personality: Paranvoi is a forest floor, dew-moist and carpeted in soft, sweet mosses, wild grass and velveteen underbrush.

—–My Devil’s HeartImmortelle

Personality: Semi-precious Immortelle Blossoms have a woody core bound tightly in sashes of silken caramel. A distinctly musky sweetness is balanced by exotic, smoky undertones.


Personality: Her wanton sensuality is lightly sugared and soft as fresh green shoots at spring’s first blinking. This is a sensuous floral bouquet pressed from delicate orange blossoms, compelling and daringly similar to Jasmine or Honeysuckle.


Personality: Verdigris is deep pools of milky Absinthe that glimmer and glow about your bare feet.  A thin mist of sugar slips in on quiet and the tall licorice bends like reeds in the wind.

—–Edgar AllenRavensara
Personality: Woody and bold, Edgar Allen is beset with an abiding and inky complexity. Black-feathered in spicy chords reminiscent of Patchouli, Nutmeg and Spruce, this potion has a rather dark and brooding uniqueness thumping just beneath the floorboards.

—–Emily Dickenson’s BloomersCardamom

Personality: Richly layered in silks and spice, Emily Dickenson’s Bloomers reveal a surprisingly playful spirit. Hemmed in black lace and bows, at the center of this aroma lies a rich core that calls to mind noble Allspice crossed with Cinnamon, Clove and antique Sandalwood long locked in dusty attic.

—–NightshadeClary Sage

Personality: Earthy, layered and herbaceous, Clary Sage reveals Nightshade with mildly floral overtones inlaid with bold, green jewels. An understated spiciness lingers, pale stitch work on a chartreuse canvas.


Personality: Faust is rich, exotic, sweetly spicy and fiery hot all the way down to the core. Sri Lankan Cinnamon is richly quilted wonderstuff: woody, persistent and uplifting, it seems peppered with a host of golden, sultry notes.


Personality: My Concubine simmers sultry, tight-laced in green corset. Held against a bed of blood oranges, there are soft ribbons of sweetness clinging to her with vibrant & woody vines.


Personality: Sun-dappled Imriel is a seducer, evocative and magnificently complex. Softly dark, deep and resinous, Labdanum expresses honeyed, musky overtones that are maple-syrupy & heavily timbered. The aroma lingers and evolves in ways reminiscent of Ambergris or Amber.

—–FogwoodBlue Yarrow

Personality: Strangely soothing,  this aroma has a woody timbre with soft, lemony undertones. Fogwood is extremely unique and distinctly herbal, a smell like the pages in an antique book of pressed flowers, sun-baked and dusted with fine sands.

—–White WolfBalsam of Peru

Personality: The White Wolf roams a snow-capped grove of Cypress and Pine trees, footfalls silenced by a carpet of dusky needles. Dripping in odd magic and heady musk, the bouquet is multifaceted, crisp and natural.


Personality: Ophelia shivers with spring rain, tender flower tops in her hair, thistle at her feet.  All lily pads and sweet swamp brambles, she smolders in heavy green pools: beautifully full-bodied, perfect and strange.


Personality: An unspoiled wilderness in a far off land, Arcadia is citrus-y, lavish and energetic.  A sweet little tart of an aroma, the tones here are effervescent with subdued hints of flora.


Personality: Sayyadina reveals classic Rosemary, all bright evergreens bound to camphoric wild flowers. This aroma is bold, persistent, wildly herbaceous & insistently aromatic.


Personality: A pale, emerald halo glows all about the aroma, sultry & pungently herbal in the old-world, Victorian fashion. Glimmering about her clockwork edge is a sweet green lace that seems to center and ground one as the hours drip by.

—–FedaykinIndian Agarwood  (also known as Oudh, Oud or Aloeswood)

Personality: A many faceted heart lies at the wooded center of this aroma, deeply resonant, warm and savage. Dark, full-bodied, complex and richly persistent, Oudh oils are precious and rare, an amber syrup beset with flakes of gold.


Personality: Jabberwock is chords of deeply pungent base notes entangled in a sweetness that is mild and earthy. The aroma has a uniquely masculine charm that makes it a one-of-a-kind: a musky brew proud to be an acquired taste reminiscent of spicy Valerian or dried Hops Flowers tightly bound in rare spices.


Personality: Pure Lavender makes Lilith bright, lively, defiantly herbal and magnificently nuanced in ways synthetic lavender can never express. This aroma is bold, exhilarating, elaborate and camphorus like old-fashioned medicinals trapped in clouded, antique bottles.

—–White HoneyHoney

Personality: White Honey is bright sunshine distilled from sugary honeycombs. Delicately spiced, an intriguing warmth pervades this natural aroma and radiates from its musky base in saccharine waves.

—-Velveteen – Blue Tansy

Personality: Velveteen is a nest made soft with strange blue flowers, tender mosses rendered soft as felt. Faintly sugared and absolutely unusual, lush Blue Tansy is an otherworldly courtesan whose beauty defies the confines of words.

—-Silkwood – Pink Lotus

Personality: Silkwood summons the preternatural beauty of the Pink Lotus flower with a subtlety and a uncommon grace. The aroma is haunting; lingering in all the right ways, Silkwood is the sweetest of carnality. Effortlessly erotic, she is enigmatic and irresistible: a sacred mystery on the verge of blushing bloom.

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